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Few tricks for Clash of Clans
mobile gaming»tablet | | 1. June, 2015

Planning and execution using the right approach is always mandatory in the clash of clans game. By having a proper building plans it makes it easy to attack your enemies right from your bases. Where your base is placed play an important role of ensuring whether you will win or lose. One of the tricks is to adapt an already proven building plan that can easily be found online from clash of clans review sites.

When playing clash of clans your bases should be secured professionally. Since you will be having resources that will help you fight your opponents make sure to keep them safe. For example, buildings that have been surrounded by walls should be the ones to store such resources. You should know which buildings should be outside or inside the wall. For example, the army barracks and builders huts need to be out. Archer towers are very important hence they should not be left outside but somewhere in the middle so that they don’t become first victims of attack.

The clash of clans review advises players to always use walls to the maximum depending on what resources needs to be where. One trick for the end –

School of dragons review
mobile gaming | | 6. March, 2015

Featuring the highest quality, beautiful animated graphics that you would expect from DreamWorks, School of Dragons is a tie-in game for fans of the famous “How to Train Your Dragon” movie from 2010 and its 2014 sequel. After signing-in by using a valid email address to create an account, the first screen allows you to customize a 3D fantasy Viking character. The usual attributes such as skin and hair color or facial features can be changed, and the character can be dressed in a variety of outfits. Either a male or female character can be chosen regardless of which sex the player really is and can be changed at any time by selecting the option from the character’s backpack. The female characters actually look a lot better than the male characters although customization options are limited for both until more paid features are unlocked. This can be hacked by the school of dragons hack


Despite a large initial download of 44mb as an Android or iOS app, setting up each level takes quite some time. Even playing the online browser version also suffers from waiting times and lag which is often due to the School of Dragons servers and huge cut scenes taken from the movie being downloaded rather than the user’s hardware or available bandwidth from their internet connection. For this reason alone, the School of Dragons game seems to be aimed at players with a lot of patience. Pop-ups for the movies and other related games from the same developers fill the screen while you are waiting.
Once the School of Dragons game begins properly, the 3D environment is absolutely stunning and looks just like the movies. Essentially a scaled-down version of the Elder Scrolls style games where you tap on other characters to talk to them and collect items to complete quests, the gameplay is mostly intuitive, and the smoothly animated graphics are optimized for whichever platform the game is being played on.

With character voices created by the same actors in the movies (or at least sounding like them), School of Dragons includes everything necessary to create the same atmosphere which delighted audiences of all ages. However, as a somewhat “point and click” adventure, the School of Dragons game lacks the complexity of puzzles which would add to the longevity of the game. Running and jumping around the 3D world of Berk is nice to look at, but the distance between things to do is overlong, and it all becomes very samey after a while. Added to this, the pretty but seemingly complicated user interface with no clues as to what buttons do until you activate them is rather annoying.
Things get much more exciting once you find a dragon. The tutorial teaches you how fly Toothless the dragon through rings by tapping to flap the wings, but more dragons such as Thunderdrum and Whispering Death are available to bond with later. Once the tutorial process is over, the levels which follow add new challenges which increase in difficulty as you progress. Small quizzes such as personality tests pop up throughout the levels, but most are merely time-wasters. There are no rewards or specific items unlocked for completing them, but they do at least attempt to stay in keeping with the movies.

After learning how to hatch a dragon from an egg in a pool of lava, you return to the ever present Hiccup who is your guide for what to do next. You must master the art of training different dragons, bonding with them, feeding them, and interacting with them like Tamagotchis. The training activities for each kind of dragon are repetitive and usually involve visiting the flight club to collect items hanging in the air.
Other activities include shooting fireballs at targets in the style of a first person shooter, racing against other players, farming in a mini-game which can best be described as a scaled-down version of FarmVille, mixing potions and learning some botanical details, and there’s even fishing to provide food to help the dragons grow. Apparently, these activities are based on scientific principles, but they exist within the confines of what is still a multi-user fantasy role-playing game.
If you want to play with friends in the same game, you need their personal identification number to add them to your clan, and this makes the process a little bit too complicated for the young children which this game is aimed at. Adult supervision is probably required to some extent, especially as the name choosing portions of the game can be frustrating too.
Overall, School of Dragons is a decent and solidly executed game with outstanding isometric 3D graphics, but it is very linear, it takes long time for each level to load, and it is a little bit on the repetitive side for older players. Enthusiastic fans of the “How to Train Your Dragon” movies will undoubtedly love this game despite its minor faults.

Tapped Out – The Best Game For Cartoon Fans
tablet | | 20. December, 2014

Simpsons Tapped Out is the newest craze to strike the online gaming market. It has proved to be a big hit that has attracted many addicted and faithful Simpson’s followers in the world, through its Android and iPad releases. Below is a detailed Simpsons Tapped Out review that will make you comprehend why it is so addictive.

Tapped Out is generally an open game to play, where you are required to build your personal edition of Springfield, a fictional city in the show. You are provided with some storyline so that you can absorb why you have the ability to build your own edition of this iconic town. Basically, Homer makes a nuclear meltdown at a power plant and destroys the entire town for you to reconstruct in your own way.  Little bit offtopic now, but have you seen ?

One thing that will draw you in this freemium video game is the incredible accurate duplication of the Simpsons’ globe – animation, sounds effects, voices and humor. Everything about this is excellent and really gives the game a genuine feel. Additionally, the scenarios in the game are just funny including the dialogue, which is genuinely comical. The shows side and major characters have comprehensive questlines you should find out and unlock too. Though challenging, this section is always fun.

However, there is a point where you have to gather currency from buildings you construct. The currency is meant to buy new buildings so that you gain new characters. You will also find premium currency in the game known as donuts. These are meant to buy you new and upgraded buildings, but with real money. Nevertheless, if you decide not to pay for these donuts, you are allowed to earn them by leveling up in the game. In general, you play more to earn more currency, unlock new buildings and order your characters to complete jobs where you earn more cash to repeat the procedure again and again.

One of the game’s strongest points is its social aspect. There are many players whom you can befriend and help and also share important resources like hearts. When it comes to performance, the game runs perfectly on newer Android gadgets. Graphically, the Simpsons Tapped Out game looks perfect too. It pops out looking crisp and very clear. Characters move just as you want them to and all animations appear well detailed and give dividends to the show fans.

Overall, the Simpsons Tapped Out online game is a real success to the freemium business model and one worth trying out. Besides looking gorgeous, this game is one of the beat representations of cartoons you can get on every platform. An added bonus is that you acquire this game for free, which means that you have no reason to not give it a try.

All the best games for your tablet
tablet | | 8. December, 2014

Don’t you think that playing games on tablet is super fun? Yes, off course it is. The larger screen of tablets gives the users a real experience of playing games with all the game controls spread out comfortably. Users can even enjoy the graphics of the games as well as the games requiring accurate tapping can be easily played. There are numerous games which are quite impressively played on Android devices and even those are great too on tablets as well. We are here today with the best games for tablet where some are free while for few you have to spend a penny but still are worth a try.

Anomaly 2

This game is one of the best games for tablet because it has it all features to play it on larger screen. This game has it all including impressive graphics with a good story as well as its controls which translate themselves really well in the large screen tablets. Tablets featuring Tegra K1 gives much more impressive graphical experience to the users. Basically Anomaly 2 is a tower-based defence game which is highly regarded by the users for its single player mode.

The Bard’s Tale

Since the launch of the bard’s tale, it is being among the wittiest role-playing game which is feature-rich with graphics as well as story. It gives an amazing experience to the users and even is quite comfortable while playing because the controls are spread out smoothly. This concrete game has a support from third-party and is even one among the best games for tablet.

Clash of Clans

It is one of the most popular and natural choice game which is widely loved by tablet gamers. The graphics looks quite good on larger screen too and even this game does require exact dragging or tapping which users can easily manage on large screen of their tablets.

Dead Trigger 2

It is one of those games featuring all the prerequisites which every tablet user seek out for while choosing the best games. This game comes along with the impressive graphics along with easy and comfortable controls, fun game play and controller support from third party.



This game is a natural choice for tablet lovers because of its comfortable on-screen controls which are customizable and even it is combined with a lot of games which users can play on their tablets.

Not only smartphones but tablets are even the best for gaming. People might think that it is quite tricky to start with and yeah it is little too but still it is not impossible even. Playing these games on large screen tablets gives real experience with real feel of graphics. There are many more games which users can play on their tablets including Portal and Half Life 2, Riptide GP2, The Sims FreePlay and much more.

These are the best games for tablet. If we missed any amazing game which you think is worth writing about here, post your comments below and we will surely have a look!

Advantages of tablets as a gaming devices
tablet | | 4. December, 2014

Video games are now an important part of our culture. As a matter of fact, people who grew up playing video games in the 70’s and 80’s will probably still be playing them until they pass away. Games have changed over the years and so have the systems that are used to bring them to life.

In the past, people were limited to playing video games on their gaming units, computers and at the arcade. Now, people can play video games on their tablet devices. While tablets were not designed to play complex games; they are now being used for this purpose. Here are the benefits of using tablet as gaming device.


First off, tablets are designed with touchscreen technology. This means that all of the games will have a touchscreen format. A person will not have to use a keyboard, mouse or a joystick to play a title. All they will have to do is touch the screen and follow the instructions for game play. Touchscreen technology has opened up a new way to develop games since a person’s fingers will be used to manipulate characters and game play.

Many tablet games are free to download and purchase or they are relatively inexpensive when compared to a video game cartridge or disc. The only problem with many app games in regards to price is the fact that a person can spend a lot of money on in-app purchases. Many of these purchases are necessary for advancing through the game.

Tablets are also great devices for gaming while on the go. In other words, they are fairly easy to carry from one room to the next. These devices also give people the opportunity to play games at many different places outside of their home.

People can access thousands of titles in the different app stores that offer video games. These titles include genres such as action, role playing and puzzle solving. Ultimately, tablets make great gaming devices because they are portable, easy to access and requires a small learning curve to learn how to play. And in the end here is the video showing how the games are played on tablets:

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